Saturday, October 18, 2014

THE BOOK: A collection of all the weird things that happen while doing live caricatures...

Here's another one for 'The Book.'
While doing live caricatures at an outdoor festival, I overheard this snippet of a conversation between a fellow caricature artist and a festival patron:
"Ma'am, I just can't do that."
"No, please? Can you draw her... but not Asian?"
"But... she IS Asian."
"I know, but can you please draw her NOT Asian?"

Sunday, June 8, 2014


I really enjoyed drawing this customer.
I had an idea what I wanted to do, and I liked it  -
but afterward, I thought of other directions
I might want to take the drawing.

After a couple rough sketches,
I redrew the caricature.
It just goes to show that there are an infinite number of directions you can take a caricature.
Instead of exaggerating the glasses up, I pushed them down.
Instead of making the eyes tiny and close together, I moved them apart and made them conform to the overall head structure more.
Instead of making the hair squished up, I took it off the page in just about all directions.
Not only is it a better likeness, I think it's a better drawing all around.

Monday, May 5, 2014

The Season Opens for *LoL* Caricature Co.!!!

The season is officially started!!!
First drawing of the *LoL* 2014 summer season.
The 2014 summer season for *LoL* Caricature Co. is off to a fantastic start!
We had a GREAT time at the Cinco de Mayo festival in Denver's Civic Center Park. I worked with Michael and Brooke on Sunday, and we were ROCKIN'.
Here are some of the highlights - the few times I actually had time to take the camera and snap a pic...
More fun and drawings
at the *LoL* booth.
Nanananana.... Bat Girl!!!
One of the highlights of the day
was these girls' reaction
to their drawing.
Herb & Johnetta - happy anniversary!
The drawing highlight of my day
was this caricature. I really felt
like I was 'in the zone.'

Come see us downtown, at festivals and events throughout the summer.
Keep up-to-date on where we'll be and see more pictures at our Facebook page:
Click my belly!

Monday, January 13, 2014

New caricature commission

The Davis Siblings
For a friend at work.
She gave it to her dad as a gift.

Friday, October 5, 2012


These are all real, true-life-story comments from real customers. 
They are all recent, and I'll continue to add to the list as those 'stellar' reactions continue.

“This SUCKS! YOU suck!” (2BW: Boyfriend paid)

“You would get better tips if you didn’t draw so terribly, and if you weren’t such a horrible person.” (4BW: Friends loved it and paid)

[Random passerby]: “Don’t you buy that! Don’t you buy that! Shame on you, artist! SHAME ON YOU!” (She loved it and paid for it.)

“I don’t look like this! (To a random passerby): “Does THIS look like me?” [Passerby]: “Yeah, it looks just like you!” (That was not what she wanted to hear!) (Friend paid)

“I’m not like that… I’m pretty!” (2BW: Reject)

“He’s not the pretty one! I’M the pretty one!” (2BW: Boyfriend paid)

“Look at me! Durrr! DUUURRRR!!!!” (2BW: Boyfriend paid)

“Do you expect me to pay for that?” (2C: Reject)

"Do you draw everybody as ugly as that?"
-my fellow artist and I smiled at each other, and simultaneously snapped back: "Yes!"

A new one: A stunningly beautiful girl, I drew her caricature SUPER 'cute.'
*sigh* "Ohhhhh.... I'm not pretty." (1C - paid)


“Your drawing killed my mother."

What do you mean?
"You drew my mom and she died. I’m very superstitious and I want my money back.”
Where's the drawing?
“Oh, I burned the drawing.”
No, he did not get a refund... 
But when it comes to harsh critiques, ‘your drawing killed my mother’ tops the list.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The lost etchings of Leonardo DaVinci...

The first draft of Leonardo's
"Self-Portrait as an Old Man"
Evidently, Leo went through several
preliminary versions of the drawing...
The original concept drawing for
DaVinci's most famous painting.
...he was beginning to get the tonal effects,
but apparently had a long way to go with

Historians were awestruck to discover new drawings by Leonardo DaVinci, which were previously thought to have been destroyed in the "Bonfire of the Vanities..."

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