Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Babies eating their feet!

It all started with the "Angry Baby..." Then it was the "Cigar-Smokin' Baby..."
Then the "Paint-Eatin' Baby..."
Then I was watching a baby trying to stick its foot in its mouth...

Babies are always trying to do that. I started drawing it, and it became clear that it is not easy to depict.... LOL

Which made it a fascinating and challenging concept to explore:

Almost as challenging as trying to stick your foot in your mouth.

Paint-Eating Baby! An epic tale

A true-life tale... I was there, and witnessed the epic disaster:

Seriously, this baby was covered in paint! It was everywhere!
And then he started eating it... LOL
I couldn't resist throwing in the Sherwin-Williams logo just for fun.

Monday, August 29, 2011


Continuing in my series of "iconic faces..." here's one of my all-time favorites: FRANK ZAPPA!
I began by trying to sketch Frank from memory. (I mean, how tough could it be? Get the moustache and you're there, right? Perhaps not...)

This could be just about any 70's rock star... lol
but it didn't look distinctly... Zappa.
So I set about searching for images and found quite a few. Then I began to explore the unique facial geography that is Frank Zappa.Much to my surprise, his nose is long, but it's a different type of long nose.
I gotta say, the guy had an interesting face!
This set off a flurry of sketching, drawing and exploring; everything from cartoony to realistic to stylized/graphic:

I began breaking down the features into the most basic graphic shapes, seeing how far I could push it and still retain a likeness.

Which led back around to a basic portrait:

This time around, the image was stronger - because of the exploration, trial and error. I had learned about what made his face... Frank.
I then took the image and exaggerated it:

And voila! There's the image I was searching for. The right exaggeration in the right places.