Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Small color studies. Exploring different color schemes, and working processes, different poses.

Acrylic, ~4x5" each
Ben described the blue one as "more iconic Jimi." I like that.
I am liking each for different reasons.
I'm lovin' the blue underpainting. It's almost a shame to paint over it, the way the color vibrates with the skin tones.
The warm underpainting is strange; it's as if I just can't get the skin tones warm enough - they look purple against the warm background. That would change once the background is covered.
I may win up doing two or more paintings, with different color schemes and poses.
Note to self: When Jimi has his head tilted back, his wide cheekbones are much more prominent. However, with his chin down, looking out from under his brow, his face elongates; when I tried to do the same thing with the wide cheekbones, it didn't work - it loses the likeness.


More sketches of Jimi!

I like working with Brooke, Ben and Chester. Every day is like a mini-workshop.
Here, Ben and I were discussing breaking down Jimi's features into its most basic components using simple shapes. It is amazing how strong the statement is , even eliminating some elements completely (like the jawline...)

The farther I go in the world of caricature, the more I am discovering that the strength of a piece lies in making a simple, direct statement.

Sketches for an upcoming painting:

What a great face...!
Ballpoint Pen, 8.5 x 11"

Pencil, 8x10"