Sunday, October 18, 2009

Gone to the Dogs!!!

I did caricatures at “Gone to the Dogs,” a benefit for a local animal shelter. The event was held at Studio 13 Gallery in the Historic Santa Fe Art District.

It was fun, there was plenty of good art, some serious, some humorous.

Here are a couple happy campers with their sketch:

(Check out all the great paintings on the wall, too!)


I just love drawing bulldogs, they have such great faces and make fascinating subjects. So I was thrilled when Marleen commissioned me to draw four of her bulldogs (she has several.)
I really enjoyed doing the drawings, and we were all happy with the results. Everybody wins, even the dogs!
Here they are... Boullion, Biscuit, and Dimitri:

And two versions of Lousi Vuitton:
1. and 2.
The little guy was so adorable, I had to try two different variations.
I like the second one best. I think it the likeness is better.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Mike Kloepfer
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Sunday, October 11, 2009


After demonstrating on the blackboard for my class, I had the urge to work large.
So I busted out the Biggie newsprint pad and did this sketch of Lyle Lovett. Working large allowed me to use large, sweeping gestures to create the dynamic lines. It was fun!

Lyle Lovett - Biggie Sketch
Charcoal on newsprint, 18x24"