Monday, May 5, 2014

The Season Opens for *LoL* Caricature Co.!!!

The season is officially started!!!
First drawing of the *LoL* 2014 summer season.
The 2014 summer season for *LoL* Caricature Co. is off to a fantastic start!
We had a GREAT time at the Cinco de Mayo festival in Denver's Civic Center Park. I worked with Michael and Brooke on Sunday, and we were ROCKIN'.
Here are some of the highlights - the few times I actually had time to take the camera and snap a pic...
More fun and drawings
at the *LoL* booth.
Nanananana.... Bat Girl!!!
One of the highlights of the day
was these girls' reaction
to their drawing.
Herb & Johnetta - happy anniversary!
The drawing highlight of my day
was this caricature. I really felt
like I was 'in the zone.'

Come see us downtown, at festivals and events throughout the summer.
Keep up-to-date on where we'll be and see more pictures at our Facebook page:
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