Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Puppies!!! Canine Caricatures!

Marleen's French Bulldogs:

Dogs are so much fun to draw, and surprisingly good models. I was ecstatic when they brought this guy over for me to draw

The challenge lies in what to do with features that are already exaggerated. FUN!!!

These teacup chihuahuas were a hit with the crowd at the Arts Festival in Boulder:

Thanks for the pic, Bree!!!

This past weekend I was at the Fine Arts Festival in beautiful downtown Golden, CO. Here are Caliste & Shena, two wonderful huskies, probably the best behaved of anybody I drew all weekend - canine or human!

It's always fun to draw animals!

In the past week or two, along with dozens of caricatures of people from Russia to Finland to Mexico to Korea - and even exotic places like Denver - I have been doing quite a few live caricatures of peoples' dogs.

This is Casey, a giant schnauzer. He was a great dog, and an awesome model - very calm and patient.
Just like what you'd think of when you see a schnauzer, only he's taller than a doberman! He also had a spotted tongue. That's a first for me as an artist. I mean, I've drawn children with ice cream on their chins, but...
This is Tawney, an Italian Greyhoud(yes, the miniature version of a greyhound, smaller than a whipit,) and her owner.
I also drew a miniature schnauzer (it seemed so tiny after drawing Casey,) and a pair of chihuahuas that were a real 'hit' with the crowd at the art festival in Boulder.!