Friday, October 5, 2012


These are all real, true-life-story comments from real customers. 
They are all recent, and I'll continue to add to the list as those 'stellar' reactions continue.

“This SUCKS! YOU suck!” (2BW: Boyfriend paid)

“You would get better tips if you didn’t draw so terribly, and if you weren’t such a horrible person.” (4BW: Friends loved it and paid)

[Random passerby]: “Don’t you buy that! Don’t you buy that! Shame on you, artist! SHAME ON YOU!” (She loved it and paid for it.)

“I don’t look like this! (To a random passerby): “Does THIS look like me?” [Passerby]: “Yeah, it looks just like you!” (That was not what she wanted to hear!) (Friend paid)

“I’m not like that… I’m pretty!” (2BW: Reject)

“He’s not the pretty one! I’M the pretty one!” (2BW: Boyfriend paid)

“Look at me! Durrr! DUUURRRR!!!!” (2BW: Boyfriend paid)

“Do you expect me to pay for that?” (2C: Reject)

"Do you draw everybody as ugly as that?"
-my fellow artist and I smiled at each other, and simultaneously snapped back: "Yes!"

A new one: A stunningly beautiful girl, I drew her caricature SUPER 'cute.'
*sigh* "Ohhhhh.... I'm not pretty." (1C - paid)


“Your drawing killed my mother."

What do you mean?
"You drew my mom and she died. I’m very superstitious and I want my money back.”
Where's the drawing?
“Oh, I burned the drawing.”
No, he did not get a refund... 
But when it comes to harsh critiques, ‘your drawing killed my mother’ tops the list.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The lost etchings of Leonardo DaVinci...

The first draft of Leonardo's
"Self-Portrait as an Old Man"
Evidently, Leo went through several
preliminary versions of the drawing...
The original concept drawing for
DaVinci's most famous painting.
...he was beginning to get the tonal effects,
but apparently had a long way to go with

Historians were awestruck to discover new drawings by Leonardo DaVinci, which were previously thought to have been destroyed in the "Bonfire of the Vanities..."

More commissions


REDRAWS! These faces gave me such great ideas, I had to redraw them!

He had mixed emotions about his drawing.

...I had more great ideas about
what to do with his awesome face.

More drawings from the LOL cart!

"Hey, isn't that the girl from 'Twilight?'"
This guy had such a great face,
I had to redraw him in color.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

LOL draws LOL - artists drawing each other!

Mikey draws Brookee

Nicko by MIKEY the Cash Register Building

Ben draws Nicko
Nicko's reaction...!

LOL pix: A gallery of my drawings from the LOL Caricatures Stand

This guy was fun,
we both drew him.
"It's all for fun!"

Cool chix.

Prom night... great couple!
Awesome faces!
These guys were a blast!
This guy had mixed emotions
about his caricature...

Exploring simple graphic shapes
and non-literal depictions of features

THEM: "Can you draw us naked?"
ME: "Can I leave my socks on? It's COLD!"
...He had such a great face,
later I decided to redraw him.

April 2012:
First color drawing of the season!
a kid.
What a good sport!


Last weekend, we started a new season at LOL Caricature Company.
It was a blast to be working with Brooke (boss lady,) Ben (kid genius,) and our newest member, Nicko (surfer dude!)
The stand, and the guys:

(It was kinda chilly!)
Ben and Nicko drawing:

First victim of the day: Nicko!!! My version(L), and Ben's awesome drawing(R):

Nick reacts to his caricatures...

Brooke and Levi have made numerous improvements to the stand, including some weather-related elements. It's like last summer, only better!!!

I can hardly wait to get into this summer's caricature season. It occurred to me when Ben and I were talking, that it's pretty much an unbelievable 'dream-come-true' job: "The more I draw, the more fun I have, and the more I get paid!"
That is exactly like someone saying: "Here ya go - the more fun you have, the more money I'm gonna give ya!"

Not bad, eh? Now that's what I call a 'win/win situation!'

I'm really excited, and I have plans and intentions for the season:
1. To continually improve my drawings, which includes:
2. Sharpening my skills in quickly coming up with a concept and holding that concept through the entire drawing process.
3. Simplifying my drawings, compositions and design. 
4. Honing my decision-making skills; every drawing is a series of decisions.
5. Improve my handling of color. Sometimes, less is more; sometimes, MORE is more!