Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Last weekend, we started a new season at LOL Caricature Company.
It was a blast to be working with Brooke (boss lady,) Ben (kid genius,) and our newest member, Nicko (surfer dude!)
The stand, and the guys:

(It was kinda chilly!)
Ben and Nicko drawing:

First victim of the day: Nicko!!! My version(L), and Ben's awesome drawing(R):

Nick reacts to his caricatures...

Brooke and Levi have made numerous improvements to the stand, including some weather-related elements. It's like last summer, only better!!!

I can hardly wait to get into this summer's caricature season. It occurred to me when Ben and I were talking, that it's pretty much an unbelievable 'dream-come-true' job: "The more I draw, the more fun I have, and the more I get paid!"
That is exactly like someone saying: "Here ya go - the more fun you have, the more money I'm gonna give ya!"

Not bad, eh? Now that's what I call a 'win/win situation!'

I'm really excited, and I have plans and intentions for the season:
1. To continually improve my drawings, which includes:
2. Sharpening my skills in quickly coming up with a concept and holding that concept through the entire drawing process.
3. Simplifying my drawings, compositions and design. 
4. Honing my decision-making skills; every drawing is a series of decisions.
5. Improve my handling of color. Sometimes, less is more; sometimes, MORE is more!

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