Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tartan Day Festival!

By a twist of fate, I found myself at the Colorado Tartan Day Festival in Olde Town Arvada on Saturday. I ended up doing caricatures at the D-Note all night long, during the Ceilidh –featuring the Highland Rock band Angus Mohr. The music – and the atmosphere - were awesome! You take a rock & roll band and add bagpipes, and you have a guaranteed high-energy evening. Their song selection was great. The guys in the band, and their entourage, were terrific.
Check them out:
I wound up drawing until after the band stopped, and had a blast. I only had time to snap one photo, early in the evening.
Here are the happy campers:

Check out the guy in the kilt. That's how you know it's Tartan Day - kilts everywhere!

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