Saturday, November 19, 2011


Some sketches for the continuing series "Face the Music." This time, The Beatles:

My sister was asking me what I plan to draw/paint next, and said, "What about the Beatles?" Originally, I thought it might prove too trite, as a lot of artists have done the Beatles.
However, I decided to check it out. As I searched for images, I was pleasantly surprised by several things:
1. There are a ton of images of the Beatles out there.
2. The Beatles had several distinct phases in their short career, and there was a distinct 'look' to each of those eras; from the Fab Four, to Sergeant Peppers, to Let it Be, and several in between. There is a lot to choose from.
3. At first, they were packaged to look very uniform and similar. However, as they aged, their faces grew more and more distinct and the differences were more pronounced. This gives me the opportunity to contrast each face against the others.
4. They really have interesting faces, which is the most critical element; I mean, if I'm going to spend the time drawing and/or painting them, I might as well find the subject matter interesting.

I was pleasantly surprised as I sketched, that they are also fun to draw. I could spend a lifetime just exploring the possibilities!
Thanks for the suggestion, Sista!

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