Tuesday, October 18, 2011

CS3K - Steve Jobs

Here is my sketches for this week's edition of Caricaturama Showdown 3000!!! -
This week's challenge: Steve Jobs
Ben and I had a great time messin' with his features.

It all started simply enough. Steve Jobs as an egg. Then I got to messin' with his features. This led to
Steve Jobs as Phil Collins:

Pretty soon, I was 'seeing things...' strange things... for instance,

Steve Jobs as a bald eagle, which led to Steve Jobs as a snow globe,

Steve Jobs as a two-stage rocket alien ship

Steve Jobs as the Liberty Bell...

And finally - what looked to me like Steve Jobs as the Apple Startup Screen logo.

After I settled down, I played around with his features some more, and came up with a fairly good likeness.

What's weird is that at the time, I thought I had some good likenesses going. But three days later... I'm not so sure. Still, it was great fun!
I liked them each for different reasons, but I went with the Apple Startup logo for my final:

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