Thursday, October 20, 2011

Progress on FRANCESCO...!


I'm nearing the finish on this piece.
The paint in the hair is really thick! LOL
Working with paint this thick is a new experience, and I'm loving it!



I think that what all artists dream of is to feel that the most rewarding piece they've ever done is the one they're working on right now. I gotta say, that's how I feel about this one. I'm really enjoying this, and watching it come together is very satisfying. I only wish the camera could capture what I see in front of me. And I have learned SO much in the process!

10/23/11 part 2:

I'm not done with you today, Frank!



Da forehead and brows.


Back to working on the painting of Frank Zappa.

This is a fun one.
Up to this point, the painting has been just too 'flat.' Last night I went crazy with the Golden High-Solid Gel Medium, creating texture in the hair. Wow! That's a lotta texture!
Geez, I'm gonna really hafta build up thick paint on the fleshy features so that it can hold together.
So tonight it's back to working on the face, building up the forms.
One thing I am aiming for at this point is to make the nose come forward. I am adjusting the color temperature of the moustache and cheeks surrounding the nose to make it advance.
The other thing is to make the eye sockets deep and receding. Gotta work on that some more.
Here's a closeup:

Once again, these photos are taken with my laptop's webcam. Please forgive the crummy quality.

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